Nico Anugraha Breglia

Nico Anugraha Breglia has born in Milan. She has been working as a designer and since '85.

She's been practicing and studies buddhist teachings since 1993 with Sogyal Rinpoche, with whom she's been attending also a three years retreat.
Since '98 she has engaged in a self-knowledge and personal development under Osho's teachings, studying therapies dealing with the individual in its multiple dimensions: physical, psychic and spiritual. Trained by Attilio Piazza Satyam, in Family Constellation.
Also studied with Gunny Baxa, Victoria Schneh Schnabel.
she's trained in Primal Therapy and Childhood Deconditioning, with the therapists Premartha and Svarup.
Chakra Balancing and Subtle Body Healing with Leela Alvina, Prasad.
She hold groups of Family Constellations and Inner Child work.
And gives sessions of childhood deconditioning.
Currently she lives in France, but holds groups wherever she's invited.