The inner child

In each of us lives an inner child that dwells often hidden, wounded. Meeting him means reconnect with ...


Meet and work with the inner child can be an effective approach to self-knowledge that enables you to ...


In the work of family constellations sometimes people are faced with the revelation of a reality that ...

Family constellations, basics

The sacred order

Within a family, each member has in relation to other family members a unique place, irreplaceable and particular, which is determined at birth, and must be recognised and respected to keep the system in harmony


Each member of a family has the right to belong to the family system and therefore no one has the right to exclude another under any pretext. This is especially true for aborted children or those who died very young.


In the family system there is not only a sense of belonging,
but also a sense of balance.
Parents are "the grownups” who "give", while the children are "the little ones” who ”receive".

Costellazioni familiari