What is this “Inner Child” ?

In each of us lives within a child often remains hidden, wounded. Meeting him means to reestablish with him again the contact. This contact was once interrupted by our own conditioning that led us to become "great" or adult.

Often in our society, becoming an adult means simply forget, deny this happy child, true, sincere spiritual generous dimension that we were.

Sometimes the meeting and recognition of us as adults and our inner child is immediate, joyful. But sometimes this meeting rwill equire time. A time that used to know this child, to dissolve our mutual misunderstandings. To finally get to love it. This love that we will be able to bring to our inner child will also be the motor, the door through which we can fully realize ourselves. We will learn that this inability to play, to be happy, which often dwells in us despite the masks we have learned to wear from a deep part of us who lived abandonment, the sadness of not being recognized or accepted . No external satisfaction can not overcome this disability as long as we keep to our deepest injuries. This dimension, we, we call the infant inside remains in us, in the present moment. It reflects us this ability to love unconditionally and be perfectly happy regardless of external circumstances.

The child remains inside observer of our events while the living, without judgment and without drama also. It also defines the wise since this dimension of our being perfectly knows the solution to any problem.