Deconditioning of childhood meet the wounded inner child.

Meeting and working with the inner child can be a powerful approach to self-knowledge that can contact the most natural and unconditioned nature of our being. In this work we find indeed in us a natural child, be wise and serene that we were all at our birth. And we also get to know and recognize the events and situations that took us to develop survival strategies in childhood in order to get love, attention and recognition. As we travel we make these events both injuries that still resonate within our being and the packaging that these injuries were caused by us, forcing us to develop masks and behaviors that later became our personality . This hurt being that resides beneath the masks we continue to endorse, even adult, is an injured child. Recognize it, hear it, understand where his pain was in fact allow us to treat our present suffering, as in most of our adult deep pain remains a small child who could not be heard and recognize when was small.

Recognize that the suffering of the past still have similarities and adhesions intimate with our current behavior we will quickly free their appeal. Not only recognize but these initial pain gradually takes us to explore the causes, situations also identified among others the behaviors of our families that we experienced as painful. Recognize these contexts may remain obscure and incomprehensible first glance makes us free at last. For the past, particularly in its negative manifestations, still has a strong enough attraction behaviors. We have all seen at one time or another how often deal with certain situations, reactions seem almost automatic. They are indeed. It is repetitive behavioral patterns that our brain gives us to deal with an event he sees as similar to another that has already been experienced.

The wounded inner child in his suffering leads us indeed to see reality through the eyes of his past and what he lived; without it we realize! It will then make a labor of love and comfort that little face wounded, taking him again to feel safe and accepted, without the need to activate the defenses that you want to live, free from conditioning past. Work on the inner child and deconditioning is based on studies of Bradshaw and primal therapy Janov; it also uses the tools of Gestalt therapy, breathing and movement of the bionic Lowen and guided meditations and visualizations, some from Eastern spiritual traditions. The work I was trasmis by Prem Svarup and SW. Anand Premartha, therapists extraordinary level to what will my gratitude. This is a method often able in a very short time to create genuine therapeutic reasons for change. It triggers a transformation process that is consistent and sustainable.